Do you need help getting out from under your mortgage debt?

As the economy struggles to improve, many of us have experienced the unthinkable; a decline in the value of our home and a change in financial circumstances.  For most of us, our home is our biggest investment; a tangible guarantee of financial security.  Fast forward to 2008 and many have seen that financial nest egg turn into a financial burden as we struggle to make mortgage payments on homes that are worth less than we owe.  Struggling to pay for our homes is a phenomenon that crosses all income ranges and housing prices.  While the Johnson County Kansas economy has been more stable during the recession than other parts of the country, it has not been immune to foreclosures and short sales and the trend is expected to continue.

Leaving a home we love is difficult but there are options other than foreclosure that ease the task and provide a path to homeownership in the future. One of the best alternative to foreclosure is to short sale your home.  A short sale may occur when your lender agrees to accept less money than you currently owe on the property.  The lender allows you to sell your home for a percentage of its current appraised value, not a percentage of how much you actually owe.

If you are having trouble keeping up with your mortgage, please review this site for information on short sales.  The Russell Home Team has eight years of experience with short sales and a perfect track record in closing every one.  Please click on this link to ask questions or obtain additional information.  There is help for you today!


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