There’s a predator on the loose and they want your home

You hear the car door close and you look out the window, who is this strange person coming towards my door?wolfWell if your home is in pre-foreclosure they may be a predator, a wolf in sheeps clothing. If you have been contacted by one of these people by phone, mail or a kind knock on the door, simply say no thank you. If by chance you have spoken to one of these people? Do yourself a favor and cut off all communication and by no means ever sign anything and I do mean anything without approval from your attorney.  If you are in foreclosure I don’t envy your position but I don’t want to see your tough situation go from bad to worse.

Making Home Affordable Government Website

  • Never pay someone to help modify your loan

  • Never sign a quit claim deed to your house

  • Never accept an installment land contract

  • Never agree to rental agreement with them as a 3rd party

  • Don’t be a victim

  • Take Control of your situation

  • Find honest help, it is out there!

The government has set up a free hotline and they can and will provide you with honest help


If you are facing foreclosure you will find out that everyone is your friend and they are just dying to help you. Now I am not telling you to be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand, I am suggesting that you take control of who helps you. 

The first thing you will need is a good attorney to advise you of your rights. Yes, you do actually have rights in a foreclosure and it is best to explore them with somebody who understands them.

Secondly you will want a good Realtor who knows and understands short sales. If you cannot save your house, the next best thing you can do is save your credit and your families financial future by selling the home before the bank forecloses and takes it back.

Lastly you will want a good accountant / financial adviser. Life is full of second chances, be prepared for yours!


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